So flexible that you can even change the shape according to the place you want to parition!
Fits Opening up to 575 cm wide (additional extensions sold separately)

Product Code: NI-5010103001
Suggested Retail Price: S$298.00

Product Description

Now you can finally get a versatile, free-standing plastic partition that can be used in almost all places!

nihon ikuji Kids Partition is an innovative and vesatile product that is currently non-existent in the market. You can use it to partition a play area for the child, use it as a safety gate or even use it as a barrier to prevent the child from getting near to dangerous places such as LCD TV, balcony or garden. In fact, with additional extensions (sold separately), you can even use the Kids Partition as a play yard! That is how versatile this Japanese product is.

It is not necessary to use this free-standing Kids Partition in straight lines or position it against a single wall. Due to its unique design that makes it flexible and yet sturdy, you can always change the shape according to the place and usage! It is freestanding which means that no screwing, drilling or nailing is required (perfect for temporary or rental properties). This makes it very portable and extremely easy to install.

Using only those items in the box, this Kids Partition can fit openings up to 361 cm wide. With additional extensions (sold separately), it can even go up till 575 cm wide!

Just like all other nihon ikuji products, the Kids Partition is designed with safety in mind. It is made of good quality plastic material (polyethylene) that is baby safe. It comes with a large gate panel that has an additional manual lock for extra safety and peace of mind, resulting in a ‘Triple Action’ locking system with 3 latches, 2 at the top part and 1 at the bottom part of the gate! Even with such an excellent childproof system, it is still super easy for parents to open the gate with just one hand.

The Kids Partition uses identical panels as the Musical Kid’s Land Play Yard (Smart version). So you can easily convert your Musical Kid’s Land Play Yard (Smart version) into a Kids Partition simply by buying some accessories.

Kids Partition comes in 2 different sets of color combination – Colorful and Brown.

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