120608 Smart2-R_front_OL(??)


Comes with 2 Extensions (8 cm wide each)
Fits Openings between 67 – 91 cm wide

Product Code: NI-5014045001
Suggested Retail Price: S$208.00

120608 Smart2-R_back_OL

Product Description

Now your baby can explore safely within the house protected by Japan No. 1 Safety Gate brand.

Together with Smart Gate II Plus, nihon ikuji Smart Gate II is the most ultimate safety gate that you can ever find in the market. It is made mainly of plastics and is designed to be extra tall at a 91 cm height. It uses an additional manual lock for extra safety and peace of mind, resulting in a ‘Triple Action’ locking system with 3 latches, 2 at the top part and 1 at the bottom part of the gate! Even with such an excellent childproof system, it is still super easy for parents to open the gate with just one hand.

Everything you need is in the box! Unlike other brands whereby buying of additional extension is almost a must, this safety gate package already includes 2 extensions to fit all standard Singapore bedroom doorways (81.3 cm width) and beyond! This is a pressure mounted gate which is being held in place by pressure (requires 2 flat surfaces to press against). This method works well, makes it easy to install and is very portable as no screwing, drilling or nailing is required (perfect for temporary or rental properties). But for those who want to have ultimate peace of mind, you can secure the gate to the wall by using the wall cups, the sticky pads and even the screws that are also included in the package. YES! This is a pressure mounted safety gate but with hardware mounting parts included. Best of both worlds and a quality product that really works.

This safety gate also comes with the absolutely fabulous & unique ‘Smart Stay-Open’ feature in which the door can stay wide open when desired till you choose to close it. This is extremely useful for the quiet times when the little ones are asleep, or during times when you do not have even a spare finger left to be able to open the gate!

Most pressure mounted safety gates have a threshold that you will need to step over, which might cause tripping and stumbling. Smart Gate II comes with 2 unique No-Trip Gate Ramps (1 on each side) to reduce such occurrences. The ramp is a great idea if you have visitors or elderly people in the house who are not used to navigating safety gates.The ramp is specially designed so that it does not hinder the easy opening of the gate.

This ultimate safety gate has 2 mounting positions to choose from, so that you can avoid the floor skirting if needed to ensure a safe and secure mounting. Optional accessories are also available to avoid handrail (what a wonderful idea) and to extend the gate to fit openings as wide as 187 cm! Even the extension panels are full of safety features!

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